Our Story

Glenn Valley Foods in built on a tradition of innovation and quality.  Gary Rohwer founder of Glenn Valley Foods is a true pioneer in the restaurant industry.  Gary is the originator and creator of the legendary Quick Release Puck Philly Steak that has remained popular for over 20 years.

Since 1978 when Gary started a popular Philly Steak Sandwich restaurant chain, he is undoubtedly one of the world’s foremost experts in creating the perfect Philly Steak sandwich.  Prior to Gary’s research, there was no vertically pre-sliced and pre-portioned quick release Philly Meat category at the distributor level.  The industry standard was the Traditional Flat Steak that required labor intense chopping, shredding, hacking and tearing on the grill during the cooking process.

Determined to find a more efficient way to offer sliced Philly Meat with speed and quality on a consistent basis, Gary dedicated himself to inventing a process that produced a delicious steak product that was pre-sliced and pre-portioned before it reached the store.  Thanks to years of careful research and development Gary’s vertically sliced Philly Steak Puck remains one of the most innovative food products developed in years and continues to be used by restaurant operators and food service distributors nationwide.

In 2002, Gary Rohwer started PepperJax Grill a new and growing Fast-Casual restaurant chain.  And you guessed it… PepperJax features famous award winning Philly Steak Sandwiches using Glenn Valley Foods Philly Quick Release Steaks using the same techniques that Gary invented years ago, only new and improved!

Glenn Valley Foods Philly Quick Release Steak products are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous recipes.  This usually reduces the need to carry 3 or 4 other items and opens up premium freezer space for other restaurant items.  Today we’re proud to say that our Quick Release Philly Steaks and other products are still some of the most exciting and popular products in the marketplace.

Everyone at Glenn Valley Foods invites you to experience the quality, value and convenience of our new and improved Quick Release Philly Steaks….from the original creator!

“At Glenn Valley Foods….Innovation Never Tasted so Good!”


* Steak-EZE is a registered trademark now owned by AdvancePierre.  Glenn Valley Foods has no association or affiliation with AdvancePierre.